7 reasons why you should absolutely read : How to raise a wild child

When we talk about Naya Nature around us, we often get (very) positive reactions. And sometimes, we hear : “But, what is nature to you?” or the more direct : “Well, you have very nice outdoor programmes for kids, but there’s no nature in Amsterdam.” Thanks in particular to Scott D. SAMPSON’s book “How to raise a wild child“, we have plenty of answers for our interlocutors. Sampson was a great inspiration in the development of our programme and opened our eyes on the fact that :

Ivy, ducks, pine cones, dandelions, ponies and dogs on the one hand, baobab and polar bears on the other, all of them arouse curiosity, participate in our sense of well-being and can pique the interest of our children at least until they become adolescents ! And then, more elaborate outdoor activities can really enhance their love for nature.

Do you live in the city ? It doesn’t matter ! Scott D. SAMPSON shares his secrets for “bringing nature into your home“, including in the city.

Here are 7 good reasons to put “How to raise a wild child” on your bookshelf:

So, to prevent your children or grandchildren becoming disconnected from nature once they go back to school, we strongly recommend reading and rereading How to raise a wild child. You will definitely get inspired…

Here are a few of our favorite quotes from the book:

“We have about one generation (some say less, some say more) to make profound changes and set ourselves on a sustainable course”

” Nature connection thrives alongside people connection”

“Being an effective (nature) mentor means becoming a co-conspirator, a fellow explorer, a chaser of clues”

“Knowledge is at its best when it passes though are heads and our hearts”

And so much more to discover !