7 reasons why you should absolutely read : How to raise a wild child

When we talk about Naya Nature around us, we often get (very) positive reactions. And sometimes, we hear : “But, what is nature to you?” or the more direct : “Well, you have very nice outdoor programmes for kids, but there’s no nature in Amsterdam.” Thanks in particular to Scott D. SAMPSON’s book “How to raise a wild child“, we have plenty of answers for our interlocutors. Sampson was a great inspiration in the development of our programme and opened our eyes on the fact that :
  • Nature is everywhere!
  • Nature is worthy of interest everywhere!

Ivy, ducks, pine cones, dandelions, ponies and dogs on the one hand, baobab and polar bears on the other, all of them arouse curiosity, participate in our sense of well-being and can pique the interest of our children at least until they become adolescents ! And then, more elaborate outdoor activities can really enhance their love for nature.

Do you live in the city ? It doesn’t matter ! Scott D. SAMPSON shares his secrets for “bringing nature into your home“, including in the city.

Here are 7 good reasons to put “How to raise a wild child” on your bookshelf:

  • 1) It is a hugely inspiring book and an easy read. Take this excerpt, for example: Nature also possesses the unmatched capacity to awaken our emotions, to nourish raw and powerful feelings of wonder, stupor mixed with admiration, mystery, joy - and, let's say it, fear … without any possible comparison with virtual substitutes.
  • 2) It is a practical book with easy tips to apply, such as how to tell stories about nature that really enhance children's imagination, how to move a teenager's centre of inertia to nature, or how to deeply connect to your child while deepening his connection to nature.
  • 3) It is very well documented with a bibliography of more than 170 references, including the Children and Nature Network, the naturalist Jon Young, the journalist Richard Louv and the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Sampson really masters his subject !
  • 4) He tells us all about nature's benefits for children and gives solid arguments to explain the positive effects of nature. We really get to know HOW nature works on us.
  • 5) Whatever he promotes, he has trialed with his own child, Jade.
  • 6) It contains much more than its official “10 secrets” to raise a wild child and create and maintain the link with nature.
  • 7) Many of the activities in our Naya Nature programme are strongly inspired by the book! (Can you find which ones?) If you love our programmes, you will adore the book.

So, to prevent your children or grandchildren becoming disconnected from nature once they go back to school, we strongly recommend reading and rereading How to raise a wild child. You will definitely get inspired…

Here are a few of our favorite quotes from the book:

“We have about one generation (some say less, some say more) to make profound changes and set ourselves on a sustainable course”

” Nature connection thrives alongside people connection”

“Being an effective (nature) mentor means becoming a co-conspirator, a fellow explorer, a chaser of clues”

“Knowledge is at its best when it passes though are heads and our hearts”

And so much more to discover !