Dealing with nature deficit disorder

We are witnessing the migration of generations of children inside… and its impact on their behaviour and their cognitive development. Teachers are increasingly taking up this challenge: children are losing their ability to focus on a task, even a short one, which creates learning difficulties. ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is the fastest-growing behavioural problem among young people! Its increase also coincided with the reduction in outdoor play and leisure spaces.

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Keeping their connection with nature alive help kids to reduce their attention deficit and their stress. It helps to improve their concentration and academic performance. As it is an excellent emotional regulator, nature-connection is also highly beneficial for kids with special needs.

Coming rain or shine… it is the healthier way to provide awesome experiences to your child.

Tremendous benefits of nature-based education for kids and parents

For Amsterdam kids happiness

Transmitting love for life has now become a necessity to prepare future generations for tomorrow’s world. Because connecting with nature awakes in children essential qualities which we all need, individually and collectively…

  • develop kid’s creativity
  • develop kid’s resilience
  • develop kid’s empathy. 

More enthusiastic & creative

  • Children discover a life-size and challenging environment,
  • …that awakens emotions and offers founding experiences,
  • …stimulating problem-solving skills.

More relaxed & healthier

  • They climb, run and stretch all their senses in a peaceful environment.
  • They grow inner strengths breathing fresh air, benefiting from the unique chemistry of nature.

More focused & well-adjusted

  • Research shows that early nature experiences make children happier.
  • Spending active time in nature helps them think and focus at school.


Connection is the key to parenting

Kids don’t need or want control. They value connection! What happens when parents and children are connected? Active listening, empathy, calm communication, mutual attention, joined efforts, pleasure to share time together… just to name a few effects.

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Walking along the child as a guide

In his book ‘Raising a wild child in the city’, S. Sampson illustrates and explains how nature mediators manage to spread their love of outdoors to children. How do they arouse curiosity? They stand along, quiet, and speak little. They foster questions, listen to the silence until an answer comes, wait for the child to lead, and guide without telling what to do or like. This attitude relies on a strong respect for the child. It’s game-changing.

My students concretely experienced the tricks they have learnt.
It’s now stuck in their heads !

Sjaan, international school teacher, Feb 2018


Discover our various kid outdoor programmes in Amsterdam. They provide the opportunity for children:

  • to escape the confinement of the classroom’s walls
  • to enjoy hands-on experimental learning
  • to experiment interdisciplinary work
  • to connect concretely with what they’ve learnt in the classroom.
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