Birthday parties!

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Birthday parties organised and located in nature! We take care of everything and make sure each birthday party is full of surprises, meaningful experiences and unique adventures for children. They are designed for children to connect with themselves, each other and nature; importantly, for children to have fun and go home with joyful memories.

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Meet your Nature Mediator

Méjane Bertrand

Fun Designer at Mej & Design

Never stop playing! We are designed to find fulfillment and creative growth through play. Nature is a magical and powerful place to do it!

From: France.     Speaks: English, Dutch and French.

I am Méj. I was born in Lyon in France. I studied in China and moved to the Netherlands a few years ago. I design experiences, bringing storytelling and games alive within a magical atmosphere. My goal is to stimulate children’s imagination, creativity, joy and autonomy in nature.