“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes” L.A Mc Gurck

1. Layers of clothes
As you’ll be in nature, just imitate nature for your clothes: dress like an onion! We recommend to wear:

  • one base-layer that will keep your body warm (avoid cotton, as it stays wet)
  • one middle layer that insulates, keeping the hot in and the cold out (polar / fleece / wool sweaters)
  • the last layer, acting like a shell, should be windproof, waterproof, and preferably breathable.

2. Weather-fit equipment
Naya Nature provides rain pants. Adults and kids, everyone should dress properly according weather and season: hat or cap all year – windbreaker or warm jacket – warm neckers and gloves. Please avoid rain boots that might lead to ankle strains or glides. We recommend waterproof sneackers.

3. Comfortable clothing
Make everyone feel comfortable for a great outdoor family adventure in Amsterdam: comfortable shoes that provide good support for the foot and ankle; soft and sturdy fabric clothing that can get dirty. Scarves, umbrellas and rain boots are not a good option. Parents also have to feel comfortable. We kindly request you to name-tag the clothes.

“Less is more: the less you speak, the more your child asks and does!”

Secret 1 = EMPOWER
Let your child have his/her own experiences, comment as little as possible, observe her/him facing new situations and exercising personal problem-solving skills. Taking the lead is highly beneficial for him/her.

Provoke a direct experience: promote action, allow for mistakes, let him/her go wrong and intervene only if necessary. Have fun afterwards recalling the challenging moments.

Undirected play is highly beneficial to children so let him/her explore the environment and play freely, inventing his/her own games and activities, using natural resources at hand.

Secret 4 = RESPECT
Know and respect oneself and each other: enjoy watching your child play, give time for dreams, be present as much as possible. Switching off mobile phones gives free time to everyone.

If you feel prepared and excited to take part in Naya Nature’ sessions, express your feelings so that your child feels free to share his/her enthusiasm and love for the outdoors too.

 Naya Nature recommends finding a positive way to enjoy it, as most of the children do!

  • Dirt … is good for health.
  • Rain… means a lot of fun splashes and develops resilience.
  • Mud… is a creative experience.
  • Wild adventures… lead to a better ability to measure risks and deal with consequences.
  • Undirected play… develops imagination, sense of self and adaptability.

In case of severe weather, we will directly meet at our shelter (Vrijburg), next to the Beatrixpark. Parents will be notified by phone call or text message. Programs and rituals will exceptionally start indoor, but be sure we will head outside as soon as wind slows down and sunshine makes its way through the clouds!

Our kid outdoor programmes in Amsterdam always start with the same ritual. We like to take time to get together and exchange on the present moment with an ‘emotional weather forecast’. This is also our snack moment. In the winter, we will share a heartwarming hot drink. In the summertime, we will opt for a fresh one to anticipate dehydration. Naya Nature will provide all the drinks. We thank you for bringing healthy snacks.

Some humour on this topic…

  • Amsterdam Climate is a “CFB type”: (C) means ‘temperated to warm’ : yes, warm, you read well! (F) aims for ‘humid without dry season’ (B) for ‘temperate summer’.
  • It rains 260 days a year, which is considered as “moderate” 🙂
  • Temperatures usually go from -1°c to 22°c. Considering the places where education through nature is the most popular (North of USA, Scandinavia), there is no comparison!

Do you know the difference between learning to ride on a wooden horse and learning to ride on a real horse? The experience of reality! Rain is a part of reality. Our philosophy is that children should engage in real life and our role is to empower them so they know how to face challenging situations, and get the most out of it. Actually, most children do LOVE rain… so we decided to train the parents 🙂 and we will be in the park with you under the rain, or enjoying the sun!

 Our staff is committed to respecting health and safety procedures and is able to respond to any incident that may occur. For Kids-Only sessions, there are always two speakers on field, so that one of them can deal with these cases. For Family-Time sessions, children are under the responsibility of the parents. Naya Nature Mediators always have a first aid kit at hand.

You can enter Beatrixpark with your bicycle. There is no parking, but bicycles can be parked at the meeting point, making sure that they do not interfere with traffic.

Outdoor air is usually much less polluted than indoor air. In addition, chemical exchanges with the natural environment have beneficial health benefits. Naya Nature takes every child into account during its sessions. We would suggest to join us with a comfortable very warm equipment.

But it’s up to you to decide!

Sickness policy: We designed a one-year program, with educational goals and follow-up milestones for the children. In the event of an illness, you will not receive a refund for the missed session. However, we will do our best to give you access to a complementary session. You can consult our Terms and Conditions.

Toilets are accessible within the Beatrixpark. We encourage you to use the toilet before and after the session. For Kids-Only sessions, there are always two facilitators, which makes it possible to accompany the child if necessary.