I've been raised with nature - so what? ūüėČ

Hello everyone! My name is Baptiste Vidal, I’m currently supporting the¬†children nature club¬†Naya Nature project with Aur√©lia and Claire from September, until the end of my expatriation in this beautiful city.

I was luckily raised in a nice house in Toulouse, with a large garden that are deeply part of my childhood memories, but also to some extent at the root of my openness and achievement in studies today.

How can this be?

Well, from the age of 7, I chose some portion of this very large garden (especially for a kid) and created my own garden in it: ” The bamboo garden “. First by pegging branches in the ground that would of course die quickly, then by moving real plants from the rest of the garden.

This garden was kind of my second space. A place to take care of nature, to learn how to grow plants, to observe insects, to build my own world. It became a nice small piece of garden to enjoy snacks and games with other kids, under the shadow of a gigantic cedar.

Then the little boy that I was grew up and eventually decided that this Bamboo Garden was too small. So I afterwards began to take care of the whole big garden.

With teenage, even if the time I devoted to this diminished, I was still spending hours planting, watering, pruning. 
It is a way to relax, to isolate or conversely to think quietly and share activities with friends and family.

Now that I’m turning 20, I realize with some of the experiences that I have had, notably with underprivileged children living in small flats, how lucky I was and how useful nature can be to grow up in a stable and healthy environment.

For those reasons, and because of the wonderful parks and woods such as the Beatrixpark that the city of Amsterdam offers, I truthfully think that it is important for kids to enjoy playing outside, explore and build their own world in harmony with nature. This is why I’m here today, trying with the little time I have beside university, to help Naya Nature in giving Amsterdam’s kids the same opportunity I had in lay own childhood.

This article was written by one of our contributors:  Baptiste