You will find below a list of books related to nature-based education. We strongly recommend them as they are easy to read, research-based and quite famous too ! We will soon create a book club so we can share more.

How to raise a wild child, Scott SAMPSON

You will learn the secret ways to succeed in connecting children with nature. S Sampson is known as the author of the concept of Nature Deficit Disorder.


At the heart of the child's emotions, Isabelle FILLIOZA,

concrete advices to better understand the child through her emotions. All emotions are useful, all emotions are good, she stresses out the interest of being open to them, and the need to learn how to understand them.


L’Ecole du Colibri, Isabelle PELOUX and Anne LAMY

demonstrate how the pedagogy of cooperation is a driver for change and how they put it into action into a school they created in Drome, South of France, The results are impressive. .