Our Mission

1) Connecting children with their (own) nature​

Naya Nature Foundation provides outdoor, nature-based education, to connect children with nature and their inner nature, all year long, through all seasons and weathers. As a team of passionate, highly-trained mediators, we act like true passers of knowledge and love for nature, trying to counterbalance the fact that modern childhood has moved indoors.

Our pledge is to make children feel at home in nature, so they become well-adjusted and deeply happy in the world they live in. We believe that the children who learn to love nature today will become the adults who will care for it tomorrow.

We create meaningful experiences in nature, which help children grow.

2) Spreading nature-based education in existing educational systems

Benefits from a nature-based education at school are huge: real-world-based learning, sensory integration, critical and holistic thinking, creativity… It develops academic skills and life-skills more and more required. And it lays the foundation for a healthy, balanced and effective environmental education.

We want to allow existing educational institutions to have their children benefits for nature-based education with the means at their disposal; taking into account their context.

Naya Nature offers training courses, guides, talks, workshops, podcasts… for educators and educational leaders to implement nature-based education in their institutions, in the long term.

We raise awareness about the stakes of nature-connection / nature-based education?, we introduce and train educators to use the 7 Connection Gateways pedagogy © and we share and develop good practices in the field.

3) Valuing local, urban, public nature
We offer our programmes for children in the public, local, natural spaces of the city : where they and their schools are, where they can freely explore over and over again. We wish the kids of our city to become deeply familiar of these local natural spaces. There, they build strong relationships with the living world and the friends they play with! By our actions, we create a virtuous circle! We systematically spend time cleaning the public places we use, and most of the times we make them cleaner than they were before we came! This is a great opportunity for us to role-model, involve and educate children in the maintenance of the shared spaces of the city. This way, our action is beneficial for everyone and at all times!

It’s stunning how fast a child changes and blossoms
with regular experiences in nature.