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NATURE Mediation course

You are a Primary teacher or an educator...

…convinced of the benefits of learning with nature throughout your curriculum, but:

If you are here, it’s because you know that teaching with nature is good for your student’s cognitive development and ability to focus, to provide real world, inquiry-based learning, to bridge the gap with environmental incentives… Yes, the benefits are huge, but at the same time, teaching with nature can’ t be improvised (at least not at the beginning).

What if you could find help with all of this and get empowered to offer your students meaningful lessons in nature? What if you became the Nature Mediator in their lives?


Our Nature Mediation course is aimed at all teachers in primary schools and educators, who want to:

  • develop a deep and long lasting connection between children and the living world
  • enrich their pedagogical approach with real-world, inquiry-based learning
  • support children into developing essential life skills for today and tomorrow
  • meet their programme expectations, with nature-based teaching
  • match the PYP curriculum expectations
  • give meaning to incentives for pro-environmental actions and nature protection

    Our training course is available in the Netherlands, France and upon demand Belgium and Switzerland.

TRAINING objectives

Take your firsts steps towards nature mediation

  • Understand and appropriate the challenges of nature-based education for this new generation of children, and be able to answer families’ questions about it.
  • get trained to the basics of the 7 Connection Gateways Pedagogy(c)
  • be empowered to act as a role model when you are in nature
  • be empowered to identify where your stand as a Nature Mediator and take your next steps to develop your practices
  • receive support with your practical/logistical issues in the field
  • be inspired to take the plunge and bring your students outdoors


"Nature-based education should be evident (...) The effect is immediate and the results are obvious too. We observe spontaneous cooperation and immense curiosity among the public."
- Bertrand Spadilliero, Head of after-school care Fédération Léo Lagrange - Attended to the course in 2020-2021

Training path

Our training course is designed to offer you an opportunity to really change education, to take your first steps as a mediator between childhood and nature. It will help you find inspiration, lead you to acquire practical and pedagogical skills and thus to become autonomous to teach and connect children with the living world.



Everything you need to take the plunge:

Your tool kit for your first steps:

  • 4 issues of the Comprehensive guide to teach with nature adapted to each season – including 18h minimum of explorations and ritual + 17 pedagogical printouts
  • the security check-list,
  • the 7 Connection Gateways set of card,
  • the Comfort zone radar,
  • the Commitment charter for the school year, to be posted in your school
  • your Certificate of attendance.

Your personal access to the Peer-support online community.


Participation to the training costs

Together, we reconnect the new generation to nature. Our training courses are cofinanced by Schools, Educational institutions and the Foundation.

Together let's MEET the unesco sgds!


Do you have any questions? We invite you to make an online appointment with one of our team members, who can offer guidance and answer any question.