Unique outdoor activities for kids in Amsterdam

Nature Clubs

After school, children need to slow down, pull themselves together… and then they are ready to fly on new adventures with their friends! These kid outdoor programmes in Amsterdam sharpen their appetite to discover. Do you remember when you were a Scout?… Wood carving, tree climbing, stealth play, dances and songs? Let them feel the wind of freedom, they will have so much to share with you afterwards!

Do you also think some of the best childhood memories are in nature ?

outdoor family adventure amsterdam

Bad weather? Rain, cold? Yippee!!!! 

For our little toddlers, it is the perfect time to do such interesting experiences! What kind of splashes does this muddy puddle make? How many drop can I keep in my hands?… For the older kids, it is time to practice resilience and problem thinking: how to get the thermometer up? Should we build a shelter? Let’s find a solution!

Anyway, our experience shows us that once they are engaged in their awesome nature activity, to matter the rain or the cold: it doesn’t exist anymore! And you know the Dutch motto, right? No bad weather, only bad equipments!