A top-notch enrichment programme

Naya Nature is proud to provide a top-notch enrichment programme, which gives children and parents the opportunity to meet inspiring experts on a monthly-basis. Our Experts take action in their field of qualification which can be as diverse as arts, communication, botany, zoology, acting, biology, etc. The goal is to help children build self-confidence and empathy so they become aware and happy of their place in the world. Through imaginative play and fun experiments, the Experts will open their world to them and help them reflect. Not only will they create memorable outdoor moments for your children, they will also help them build their own strong sense of self.       

Expect sparkles in those little eyes!

All sessions are led in English. Enrichment program takes place once a month and vary per season.

Discover our enrichment programme for May-July 2018

For all groups

Expert: Wies Teepe,
Biologist, nature guide and cook

Area of Learning: In my Garden

Description: “Nature Gourmet”    Wies will explain what to look for when picking in Beatrixpark, and which parts of the plants one can harvest. Then, we will turn these edible nature pieces into delicious meals, such as elderberry flower lemonade, yard vegetable and rock’n’roll spaghetti !

For all groups

Expert: Judith Duijn
Coach and baby sign teacher

Area of Learning: At Peace

Description: “To bee or not to bee?”                                  Mysterious topic …We will play  and reflect at the same time! We will better know ourselves and learn how to communicate with empathy.


For 2-4 yo group

Expert: Natacha Bonnet, Director of theatre Company, actress, and former primary school teacher

Area of Learning: Dream Rocks!

Description: “Once upon a time”
Let’s invent stories and act as if we lived in a wonderful world.

For 4-12 yo groups

Expert: Vincent Bonnet, Director of theatre company and theatre teacher

Area of Learning: Dream Rocks!

Description: “On stage !”        Theatrical improvisation is fun, even more fun in nature!

For all groups

Coming soon

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