Top-notch enrichment programmes

Naya Nature is proud to provide top-notch expert programmes, which gives children and parents the opportunity to meet inspiring professionals on a monthly-basis. Our Experts take action in their field of qualification which can be as diverse as arts, communication, botany, zoology, acting, biology, etc. The goal is to help children build self-confidence and empathy so they become aware and happy of their place in the world. Through imaginative play and fun experiments, the Experts will open their world to them and help them reflect. Not only will they create memorable outdoor moments for your children, they will also help them build their own strong sense of self.       

Expect sparkles in those little eyes!

All sessions are led in English. 

Discover our expert programmes for 2018-2019


Area of Learning: With my hands

Description: Let’s discover how using all of our senses while being in nature influences how we move. We will use this experience to get to know ourselves and the others better and discover how we can communicate through movement!

Experts: Saskia Watts and Athina Liakopoulou, Dance scientist and Child psychologist

For who: toddlers aged 4 to 7

When: 6 sessions in a row:

  • or Wednesday 13:40 – 15:00 from March 6th to Apr. 10th

How much: 129 €


Area of Learning: Stealth play

Description: In nature, anything can happen… Be on the lookout! As you hide among the tall grass, practise acquiring the sharp vision of the eagle, the super-sensitive ear of the deer, and the speed of the heron. Sharpen your senses! To survive in the wilderness, be invisible, vigilant… Become a real coyote. Be aware!

Expert: Brigitta Huigsloot, Nature Pedagogue and Nature Mediator

For who: children aged 7 to 12

When: 7 sessions in a row on Wednesday, 15:10 – 16:30, from Feb. 27th to Apr. 10th

How much: 129 €

Happy Feet
Mini Buffalo

Area of Learning: Stealth Play

Description: Explore new ways to connect with your child using dance and movement! How is it to dance like the birds you see flying through the trees? What is the influence of a passing cloud? Can you feel your bodies stretch out in the sun, relaxing in the warmth? Together you will move in nature inspired by the nature you see around you every day.

Experts: Saskia Watts and Athina Liakopoulou, Dance scientist and Child psychologist

For who: 1 parent + 1 toddlers aged 2 to 4

When: 2 sessions on Saturday 10:10 – 11:00: on June 1st and 29th

How much: 47 €


Area of Learning: At Peace

Description: Have you ever tried to become a Mountain? What do you feel, becoming a seed carried by the wind? Would you like to put the tensions away? Guide your child into mindfulness and practice grounding, express emotions, connect to your 5 senses and enjoy. Become still like a frog!

Expert: Laurence Haffmans, Sophrologist-Relaxologist

For who: 1 parent + 1 toddler aged 4 to 7

When:  Saturday 29th of June, 11:15 – 12:15

How much: 23,50 €


Area of Learning: Dream Rocks!

Description: Children and parents will embark in a remarkable journey through the Beatrixpark. Supported by sign languages and storytelling, they will discover the changes brought by each season to themselves and their environment. This enrichment programme is about the journey of the group but also the journey of life; life of parent and child together. 

Expert: Judith Duijn,
Coach and baby sign teacher

For who: 1 parent + 1 toddler aged 2 to 4

When: 5 sessions on Wednesday 10:10 – 11:00
Oct. 17th, Nov. 21st, Jan. 30th, Mar. 13th, Apr. 10th.

How much: 139 €

Revival of a garden

Area of Learning: In my garden

Description: Transform a small space of land into a thriving garden! Collect and research the seeds you need, draw your garden plan, examine the soil, prepare it for cultivation – and sow! What will be the end result of your garden? Wait and see…

Expert: Suzanne Oommen, Urban agriculturalist, garden teacher

For who: 1 parent + 1 child aged 4 to 7

When: 5 sessions on Saturday 11:15 – 12:15 or 12:25 – 13:25
Oct. 13th, Nov. 24th, Mar. 2nd, Mar. 16th, Apr. 13th

How much: 139 €

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