She loved playing a rabbit,
and she was so proud of her Indian name!

Coralie, mother

This programme is designed for curious creatures who have an endless love for exploring. Mornings are a good moment for first steps in nature. Observation of nature and seasons takes time… we will make sure toddlers cultivate the sense of wonder and lead the exploring at their own rhythm. 

Among other nature activities, we will freeze to listen to birds chirping, walk along flowers and bushes we’ll name, create nature perfumes, use our owl eyes to catch tiny living wonders, play touch & feel and develop self-care habits. Our adventure sessions will be filled with hugs, imaginative co-stories, emotion games and endless races. The parents will train to systematize a let-go attitude to foster their child’s self-confidence. This programme aims to deepen the connection between parent & child and between child & nature.

All sessions are led in English. Nature Mediators speak Dutch and at least a third language. This is not a drop-off class : the parent actively participates to the sessions with the child. Make sure you are available for quality time with your child. Siblings are welcome to enroll : one child = one adult. Parents are responsible for their child’s safety. Once a month, Experts will lead the session, as scheduled in the enrichment programme. 


On Friday
10:30 – 11:50

Check the precise calendar here



In case of extreme weather*, meet at our shelter: Vrijburg.

*Extreme cold, wind, hard shower… You will receive a message


Judith Duijn

Coach at Kidstime Coaching and baby sign Teacher at Gebarenstem. 

Meaningful communication brings us closer to our own nature and helps us to connect better with the beautiful nature that we are living in.

From: the Netherlands. Speaks: Dutch, English and French.

As leader of a community center in the suburbs of Amsterdam I develloped my skills in working with families. My interest in the interaction between parents and children started growing, and when I became the stepmum of my husband’s two children and later became a mother myself, I supplemented my practical experience with a professional training as kid’s coach.

As a coach I focus on meaningful and positive communication between parents and children. One of the tools in my work is using Signs in the interaction. Signing helps children to understand and to express themselves. It is also an effective way to create a succesful connection between parents and children.

With my work at Naya Nature I get to combine all the above with yet another big interest: being in Nature. I grew up playing outside all the time and loving it.

I want to pass on this happy part of my upbringing to my children.

Nature provides an everlasting inspiring playground to discover and connect with.

It is my dream that all children get the chance to connect with nature and their own true nature. I believe that it is the key to make our world a better place.

When Judith is not available:
Claire Bano Devautour

Educational Counselor & Nature Mediator

Master in Counselling and Mediation in Education – Certificate in early childhood education – more than 15 Years of Experience working with children.

Certified First Aid Provider for babies and children.

It makes me hopeful and incredibly happy to see children connec with nature.

From: France.      Speaks: French, English, Dutch, Spanish and Tamil.

Being part of the Naya Nature journey gives me the opportunity to work towards the accomplishment of two of my most important life-objectives: 1. Develop, use and spread the methods of respectful and positive education. 2. Encourage and foster love and connection with nature. I belong in the field, along with children and their families. My background is that of a teacher, an educator and an education counsellor. I worked for the Eco-schoolsprogramme in France and contributed to developing an eco-center in India. I am addicted to fresh air and green spaces. Naya Nature makes me hopeful for the future.


We will meet rain or shine. Naya Nature provides rain pants. A windbreaker with hood is required. We suggest long comfortable pants that can get dirty and waterproof sneakers rather than rain boots, which are not suitable for climbing or running. As you’ll be in nature, just imitate nature for your clothes: dress like an onion ! > See FAQ for more information

How much?

The 1st Discovery session: 7€

Registration fees for the year 2019-2020 
valid from term “Daffodils”: 14€*

3rd Term: “Daffodils”
Sessions to take from March 20 to July 3

  • Card 3 sessions in a row*: 59€** 
  • Card 5 sessions in a row*: 79€** 

* Per enrolled pair
** To guide 1 parent + 1 child. Included VAT. Any registration not cancelled on the Monday preceding the session will be taken into account. Possibility to postpone a session with notice no later than the previous Monday. Below 4 participants, the session does not take place.