Wilderness exposure is necessary. When you immerse yourself in nature, you realize that you need it.

Laurent Baheux, Photographer

This Naya outdoor programme aims to bring teens back into the wild. It welcomes inquiring minds who like to understand how things work. Together with friends and their Nature mediator, they will engage in various topics, like ecology, active listening, building shelters, wildlife tracking, search for edible plants, treasure hunts, acting, etc. Through all that, they will also build up a community. “Become one with Nature” stands as the motto of the learning, which will also help children develop empathy and embrace differences. The programme will culminate in a celebration with the distribution of certificates in wood-crafting, tying knots, rope manufacturing, etc. There will be enough time for laughs, fun challenges, and unstructured play with friends to nurture creativity and flourish. Step by step, your big one will turn into a courageous free spirit: are you ready to witness this transformation?

All sessions are led in English. Nature Mediators also speak Dutch and at least another language. This is a drop-off class for kids-only: children attend without a parent. 

Green city

We believe that child that is connected to nature, is a child who won’t hurt nature, because they have too much respect for it! Getting children to fall in love with their local nature is a good starting point for mobilizing them in their first citizenship actions. Greening the city, reducing plastic waste, being intelligent in the use of water….. Children choose their challenge by themselves and use their creative thinking. This is what we call the “Eco-squad missions”.


Beatrixpark: meet in the meadow next the Lime tree

WALKING BUS Trial: pick up from AICS Main school at 1:30pm to bring children walking until the meeting point at Beatrixpark*

In case of extreme weather**: meet at Vrijburg.

*From 3 children with an extra cost
**Extreme cold, wind, hard shower… You will receive a message

Meet your Nature Mediator

Yamit Gutman

Nature guide & Environmentalist
Master in Environment and Resource Management

I believe that Nature is the best playground for children of all ages!

From: Israel.    Speaks: English, Dutch, Hebrew and Spanish.

I spent my childhood playing in nature and exploring it. From the age of 10 till 17 I was a member of a nature club and I have magical memories of long trips in wild sceneries, playing barefoot and being carefree. Later I became a guide in that same nature club and enjoyed seeing children explore and learn about their natural environment. I always marvel at the simple beauty of the changing seasons, a working ant or a majestic tree. These days, as we are surrounded by technology, it is more important than ever that children play in nature and learn to love it so they can become happy and balanced. I believe that children who love nature become adults who care and protect it for generations to come. 

Roxana Suci

Nature Trainer

We are nature and we can only benefit from connecting with it.

From: Romania. Speaks: Romanian, English and Spanish.

I grew up in the Transilvanian mountains and I have studied at the Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Engineering. From the age of 15 years old, I have been volunteering for Tasuleasa Social. ‘TaSu’ makes children aware of and involve in community issues. I was working with children in nature and I helped them realize that everything we take from the nature has to be given back. Working with children from different backgrounds, I learned how important it was for them to understand that, in nature, you can find everything you need and most importantly, that they need to respect the environment they live in. The satisfaction I feel when I see them happy in nature, helping them restore it and watching a beautiful sunset at the end of the day together, is a great reward for me. I have been inspired by nature to create my values in life and want to share everything I have learned.


We will meet rain or shine. Naya Nature provides rain pants. A windbreaker with hood is required. We suggest long comfortable pants that can get dirty and waterproof sneakers rather than rain boots, which are not suitable for climbing or running. As you’ll be in nature, just imitate nature for your clothes: dress like an onion ! > See FAQ for more information

How much?

Annual Enrolment
640€ payment in 3 times
10% off for a one-time payment: 576€*

Possibility to schedulle a trial session (5€)

*Including VAT. For sessions of 1h20 of true nature-connection!
Ask for a sibling discount: -5% from the second enrolment.
Possibility to freely stop the subscription at the end of each term with a notice period of one month before the end of the term, according our Terms and Conditions.

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