Kids Only

This Naya outdoor programme aims to bring teens back into the wild. It welcomes inquiring minds who like to understand how things work. Together with friends and their Nature mediator, they will engage in various topics, like ecology, active listening, building shelters, wildlife tracking, search for edible plants, treasure hunts, acting, etc. Through all that, they will also build up a community. “Become one with Nature” stands as the motto of the learning, which will also help children develop empathy and embrace differences. The programme will culminate in a celebration with the distribution of certificates in wood-crafting, tying knots, rope manufacturing, etc. There will be enough time for laughs, fun challenges, and unstructured play with friends to nurture creativity and flourish. Step by step, your big one will turn into a courageous free spirit: are you ready to witness this transformation?

All sessions are led in English. Nature Mediators also speak Dutch and at least another language. This is a drop-off class for kids-only: children attend without a parent. Once a month, experts will lead the session as scheduled in the enrichment programme.

Wilderness exposure is necessary. When you immerse yourself in nature, you realize that you need it.

Laurent Baheux, Photographer


On Wednesday
15:10 – 16:30
Winter time: 15:10 – 16:10

From Sept. 19 to July 10
Next thematic starting Oct.31

exc. holidays: Oct. 24, Feb. 21, May 1
Solstice Break: Dec. 15 to Jan. 20
7 week of Winter time from Oct. 29 to Dec. 12

Nature’s awakening celebration on Saturday, April 13

How much?

Annual enrolment

64,71€ per month*

Discovery sessions
3 in a row: 69€

*On 10 months.
Possibility to freely stop at the end of each term (December and April) with a noticed period of one month.


Beatrixpark: meet in the meadow next the Lime tree

In case of extreme weather*: meet at our shelter (Vrijburg).

*Extreme cold, wind, hard shower… You will receive a message

Meet your Nature Mediator

Claire Bano Devautour
Education counselor for kids and adults. Certificate in early childhood education.

I have always enjoyed working with children and teens, it’s so exciting to do what I love most in nature!

From: France. Speaks: French, English, Dutch, Spanish and Tamil.

Taking part in the development of Naya Nature makes me immensely happy. It gives me the opportunity to work towards the accomplishment of two of my most important life-objectives: 1. Develop, use and spread the methods of positive education. 2. Create awareness and engagement for nature and its preservation. I have always felt I belong on the field, along with children and their families. My background is that of a teacher, an educator and an education counselor. I worked for the Eco-schools program in France and contributed to developing an eco-center in India. I am addicted to fresh air and green spaces. I can’t wait to meet you!

Méjane Bertrand

Fun Designer at Mej & Design

Never stop to play! We are designed to find fulfillment and creative growth through play. Nature is a magical and powerful place to do it!

From: France. Speaks: English and French.

I am Méj. I was born in Lyon in France. I studied in China and moved to the Netherlands a few years ago. I design experiences, bringing storytelling and games alive within a magical atmosphere. My goal is to stimulate children’s imagination, creativity, joy and autonomy in nature.


We will meet rain or shine. Naya Nature provides rain pants. A windbreaker with hood is required. We suggest long comfortable pants that can get dirty and waterproof sneakers rather than rain boots, which are not suitable for climbing or running. As you’ll be in nature, just imitate nature for your clothes: dress like an onion !

> See FAQ for more information


We kindly ask you to bring a fruit potluck. Naya Nature provides a cool drink in the summer and a hot one in the winter.

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