Summer camp

Opt for an outdoor summer camp: close to your home, far from your routine!

Give your kids an outdoor holiday experience that combines freedom, quiet nature, and unbelievable adventures. No matter the weather, this time in nature will leave your child with many wonderful memories.

Some say the best childhood memories are in nature, away from grown-ups.
Do you agree?

Winter camp: Feb. 18 to 22

* VAT included
Discounts for siblings: 10% on the weekly packages
Ask for extended days

Other upcoming dates:

  • Spring camp: Apr. 29 to May 3
  • Summer camp: Jul. 15 to 19

Naya Nature adventurers will never be tired of telling you how they built a nest for birds, how they observed a love danse between a butterfly and a frog, how they created a special song for their group, or how they organized endless barefoot races in a sensory staircase. They will be so proud of their I-did-it-myself wood sculptures, carved with real adventurers’ knives called o-pi-nel. These stunning summer moments in nature create friendships and memories for a lifetime….

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