Opt for outdoor summer camps: close from home, away for routines!

Offer holidays outdoor experiences to your kids, that combine freedom, quiet nature space, and unbelievable adventures. No matter the weather, these nature experiences will be recalled as memorable souvenirs!

Next date: July 23th to 27th
  • Open Monday to Friday on Dutch holidays
  • From 8.30am to 4.30pm (extended day until 6:00pm)
  • In Beatrixpark, Amsterdam Zuid
  • Healthy lunch and snacks included

Some say best childhood memories are in Nature, away for grown-ups.
Do you agree?

Three Brown Buttom Mushrooms Beside Grasses
Naya Nature adventurers will never be tired of telling you how they built a nest for birds, how they observed a love danse between a butterfly and a frog, how they created a special song for their group, or how they organized endless barefoot races in a sensory staircase. They will be so proud of their all-by-myself wood sculptures, carved with real adventurers’ knives called o-pi-nel. Not a secret that these stunning summer moments in nature create friendships that last a lifetime….