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No Indoor Season

No.INDOOR.SEASON !!! 3 hours per day. As we all know, this is the normal time that children and toddlers should spend playing outside for a

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Will nature save our kids?

WILL NATURE SAVE OUR KIDS? The incredible strength to reconnect with nature 🍃👧🧒 Nature will save humankind and not the opposite! Aurélia draws from her

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Naya Nature, a joint project

Naya Nature, a joint project Lucie (Lu Planet) is a committed professional, talented, and passionate about crafts and ecology.  Lucie produces beautiful videos full of meaning

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Yes, it’s Montessori-inspired!

Yes, it’s Montessori-inspired! At Naya Nature, we have designed an out-of-school learning program based on 21st century research, primarily rooted in the work of nature researchers

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An afternoon with Naya

An afternoon with Naya… Watch out our few pictures of an afternoon with our family club in Amsterdam, among others… Peacefull, isn’t it? https://vimeo.com/252894130

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