Naya Nature Foundation gathers a community of people sharing a diagnostic and a vision : Nature makes us grow. We need to deepen our connection to nature. We are responsible to give children nature back. The pledge of Naya Nature’s community is to empower children to change the world.

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When we created Naya Nature, it was with a fierce desire to offer our children an incredible chance to grow happy, enjoying their patch of nature… and to change the world! It is now becoming obvious for people that we need to adopt a lifestyle in which they are connected to the living. We witness that our beliefs and values are spread among our international community of parents and education professionals. Each of them is engaged, according to their possibilities and in their own way, on the 10 points of our manifesto.


Each human being is part of a whole, of the living world and we believe that being connected to this whole is vital to them.

We believe that nature connection is essential for the balance, development and profound well-being of the children. Nature-connection gives them a sense of belonging, they feel rooted and anchored, they feel at home in their world.

We believe in resilience as a core and perpetual element of children’s development. This resilience is built and strengthened in the unexpected, rich, changing, challenging environment that is nature.


We consider time as being a fundamental dimension of our educational principles: we believe in taking time, slowing down, and thinking in the long term. We see it as a critical need to live an emotionally healthy and enjoyable childhood. The ability to take time is also fundamental for a happier and healthier adult life.

We believe it is critical as of today to recreate this endangered connection between childhood and nature. It absolutely requires a regular contact with nature, a respectful and non-judgmental approach and an exciting ritual.

We believe that the audacity to be curious, to overcome one’s prejudices and resistances, to open up to real experiences and to the world is the key to a wonder of every moment within everyone’s reach. This unique sense of wonder makes our humanity, it must be preserved and maintained in our children.


We believe in empathy as a fundamental value to build and maintain a happy and peaceful society. And above all, we believe that empathetic mind and heart are indispensable to imagine efficient and long-term solutions to live in synergy with the human beings and the living world around us.

We believe that children must develop real connections with other humans, other living beings and we are committed to keeping them the norm, before virtual connections.
We are deeply convinced it is essential for tomorrow to recreate the nature-child connection a direct and striking experience, source of an irrevocable love and of a familiarity with nature, which will make children grow as spontaneously engaged adults, as creative and global thinkers that protect and act for harmony in our world.

We are proud to be part of the change makers community bringing their skills, their love of nature and their full attention to children to make this connection happen. We know that the solution belongs to the agitators, of which we are a part, and above all to the families and education professionals of which YOU are a part!

– Aurélia Chevreul-Gaud
President of Naya Nature Foundation

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Tell us how you enjoy Nature in Amsterdam, share your tips with other nature lovers. No matter your location, there is always a natural place which is just waiting to be enjoyed or discovered, be it a street or a balcony. We would love to have you join us.

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