Education by nature is our passion, so we had a tough time making a narrow selection of books on the topic. But here it is, composed of our personal favourites and not-to-be-missed items, the ones we strongly recommend for a first dive-in. They are easy to read, research-based, and best-sellers!

How to raise a wild child by Scott D. SAMPSON

You will learn the secret ways to succeed in connecting children with nature.

Learning with Nature, Claire WARDEN

For education professionals: how to evaluate their positioning and nature education practices, how to plan and manage subsequent learning with nature, how to make learning with nature concrete and how to share these values with parents.

The Walker's Guide to Outdoor Clues & Signs, Tristan GOOLEY

THE WALKER'S GUIDE to the outdoor clues and signs, their meaning and the art of making predictions and deductions offers the chance to turn every walk into a rewarding game of detection.

A Practical guide to Nature-based practice, Niki BUCHAN

A very practical and full-of-ideas book to enjoy and learn from nature with your children.

Last Child in the Woods, Richard LOUV

A must have to understand the so-called "Nature Deificit Disorder" and its consequences!

Balanced and Barefoot, Angela J. HANSCOM

How outdoor play and unstructured freedom of movement are vital for children’s cognitive development and growth, and offers tons of fun? To grow healthy, balanced, and resilient kids.

Can you hear the trees talking?, Peter WOHLLEBEN

Have your heard about The Hidden Life of Trees? Did you even read and enjoy it? So it seems you have here a great book for yor child!

True Monsters, Marie G. ROHDE

Yes, the title seems to be a bit scary, but according to our Naya Mom, Anna, it's not! It deals with solutions to fight threats of our planete. Always give your child a positive a handy vision!

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