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Outdoor programmes for schools in Amsterdam / field trip

We design bespoke programmes for primary school and daycare teachers. Our forest school aims to cultivate learning through the hands on exploration of the natural environment, and sensitising the child to their surroundings. This physical interaction with nature helps develop the foundation skills for learning: working memory, inhibitory control and cognitive flexibility. We carefully prepare our field trip programmes in consultation with the teachers to ensure that we support their curriculum and make the link with the teaching of their concepts.

Our educational objectives are :

They loved being super birds! They concretely experienced the tricks they have learned. It is stuck in their heads !

Sjaan Mac Carthy, teacher Group 1, Amsterdam International Community School

The memories created during our time with these talented instructors will be our personal treasures as well as scaffolds to future contact and learning in nature.

Eileen Lawlor, teacher Group 2, Amsterdam International Community School

outdoor school progammes amsterdam


Programmes of 90-minute sessions, each exploring 2 to 5 of our holistic areas of learnings.

Examples of single sessions: Super birds – Find the hidden super power of your neighbourhood birds! Giant foot print – Make your NatureHood magical Lost in a wild, wild place  – What if…? Practise your resilience And also: The mushroom network, Worms under cover, Welcome to spiderland, Fully connected, Water world, and so much more…

Examples of whole programmes:

Glory of gardening – Create your school garden (10 sessions)
A journey through time – Find the magic in each season (5 sessions)
Eco-squad’s missions – Change your world, be the problem-solving squad (at least 3 sessions)

Plus plenty more programmes we would love to design to fit your needs!


Beatrixpark or a nature area close to school.
In case of extreme weather,  we bring nature into your  classroom.


Alongside one of your projects or throughout the year. 
Each session takes place in the field and lasts 90 minutes.


A highly qualified and passionate team, speaking at least English and Dutch, plus at least one other language. 

Our Know-How

Childhood + Living world

+ Experts in: gardening, dance in nature, emotions, communication and sign language, edible plants, energy and mindfulness…


We will meet rain or shine. Naya Nature provides rain trousers for wet weather. We suggest long comfortable trousers that can get dirty and waterproof trainers rather than wellington boots, which are not suitable for climbing or running.