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Guide "Colour your universe", an outdoor learning journey with Paul Cézanne's son.

Excerpt: Reveal the colours.

Comprehensive guides for teaching with nature

You are a Primary teacher or a professional working with children, convinced of the benefits of learning with nature throughout your curriculum...

Because natural places are always rich, meaningful and unpredictable, nature-based education offers teachers a wealth of learning opportunities, enriches and complements the curriculum, and is a powerful mean to meet your school’s educational objectives.

However, in schools, it isn’t usually mandatory to organise regular field trips / explorations in nature. Teachers have to deal with safety regulations, organise the logistics, prepare and bring pedagogical material… Often, they don’t have the budget to integrate a full forest school programme led by experts into their curriculum.

So, at Naya Nature, we thought: why not share our experience by offering a turnkey programme? We want the teachers to have everything at their disposal to lead an exciting outdoor session by themselves, feeling comfortable… So, here we go!

Each year, we propose an inquiry-based programme, clipped in several issues. A journey throughout the year and the seasons to wonder at and about nature!

Ongoing guide

Colour Your Universe!

A journey throughout the year and the seasons to wonder at the colours of nature!

How do we perceive colours? How do colours behave and change on different textures? How useful are colours for the living beings? Is there a link between colours and emotions? Why?…


Our comprehensive guides for teaching with nature are aimed at all teachers and professionals working with children in primary schools, who want to:

  • enrich their pedagogy on real-world, inquiry-based learning;
  • offer children endless discoveries in nature.

Our hands-on programmes are created as an opportunity to develop skills to teach with nature, to discover and enforce best-practice.

Educational objectives

With each issue, we offer opportunities to children to learn with nature around a theme, such as light and colours.

As a standard of each outdoor session, the children:

  • grow more aware about their physical environment;
  • grow more aware about their emotions regarding this environment;
  • question, imagine and create around the theme;
  • wonder at and about the living world.

“This guide is very attractive: easy to read, well structured and it doesn't take as much preparation. It is a real addition to the curriculum!”

Tim Van der Steen, Nature Educator, Haarlem

"Now that I myself have experienced the program, I'll be sure to add it to my curriculum day in the beginning of the school year and emphasis the importance of being outside."

Amy, Group 2 teacher (6-year olds), Amsterdam

Tips by the fireside, by Claire.

What's inside Your Comprehensive guides?

In each issue we include everything for you to feel comfortable in the field with your students:

  • An outdoor ritual to establish with your students,
  • One chapter of an original story, to support your experience and offer an inspiring open door to your outdoor experiences,
  • Three powerful explorations for the season,
  • a Get Ready page with essential practical matters and tips,
  • and, cherry on the cake: precious advice from Claire, our Educational counsellor and Nature mediator, to make your journey an educational success!

  • 18 hours of nature explorations, according to the 7 Connection Gateways Pedagogy!

Do you have any questions? We invite you to make a (socially distanced) appointment with one of our team members, who can offer guidance and answer any question.


More than a guide, an all-inclusive experience to learn teaching with nature!