Our Mission

Connecting children with their (own) nature

Naya Nature provides outdoor, nature-based education, to connect children with nature and their inner nature, all year long, through all seasons and weathers. As a team of passionate, highly-trained mediators, we act like true passers of knowledge and love for nature, trying to counterbalance the fact that modern childhood has moved indoors.

Our pledge is to make children feel at home in nature, so they become well-adjusted and deeply happy in the world they live in. We believe that the children who learn to love nature today will become the adults who will care for it tomorrow.

We create meaningful experiences in nature, which help children grow.

We have designed an kid outdoor programmes based on 21st century research, primarily rooted in the work of nature researchers R. Louv and S. Sampson. As research shows, we believe that spending time in nature is highly proficient to children. The curriculum also draws inspiration from the pedagogies of R. Steiner, M. Montessori, and the Colibri School. Empowerment, enthusiasm and unlimited creativity are the drivers of change Naya Nature wants to rely on.

It’s stunning how fast a child changes and blossoms
with regular experiences in nature.

Naya Nature has been building bridges with Dutch, local and international actors, such as the ANMEC, My Family Support, Eveil & Nature, Kidstime Coaching and Living School.

Naya Nature is a registered Trademark owned by Missions Coco, a social business organism.