Our directors

The Naya Nature children club was shaped by the vision of founder Aurélia Chevreul-Gaud that we could leverage a deeper connection to nature for children, so that they grow happier and into well-adjusted adults. In a world they feel they belong to, that they love and want to protect for their own good sake.  Joining Naya Nature’s adventure, co-director Claire Bano Devautour brings in invaluable knowledge of education and child development. They are on a mission to empower children to change the world.

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

- Rob Siltanen -

I believe in enthusiasm, inclusion and time as a course of action to lead any change.

Aurélia Chevreul-Gaud

Founder and Director Naya Nature

I feel an urgent need to engage children, today, in the construction of their future world. I believe that we bear the responsibility to give children the environment they need to blossom, develop their infinite potential,  creativity and ‘joie de vivre’. Nature offers an endless wealth of wonders and a lifetime of benefits. I created Naya Nature to bring back children into nature. The task is huge. To succeed, I rely on what I learnt in my career as a professional change-maker. I believe enthusiasm, inclusion and time are essential components to lead any change. The changes taking place today will shape the lives of our children tomorrow.

Taking part in the development of Naya Nature makes me immensely happy. It gives me the opportunity to work towards the accomplishment of two of my most important life-objectives:
1. Develop, use and spread the methods of positive education.
2. Create awareness and engagement for nature and its preservation.
I have always felt I belong on the field, along with children and their families. My background is that of a teacher, an educator and an education counselor. I worked for the Eco-Schools program in France and contributed to developing an eco-center in India. I am addicted to fresh air and green spaces. Naya Nature makes me hopeful for the future !

Claire Bano Devautour

Co-Director Naya Nature
Education Counsellor & Nature Mediator​

It makes me hopeful and incredibly happy to see children really enjoy being in nature.

  • Education counsellor 
  • Trained in early childhood education, Master in Counselling and Mediation in Education, and Wonder-based teaching
  • Was an open-school project executive in India and worked for Eco-Schools in France
  • From France. Speaks French, English, Spanish, Dutch and Tamil.


In native american language, Naya means wisdom, spirit, guide. It is for us a symbol of the way we look at children and the harmony between humans and nature.


The coconut seed has an incredible ability to adapt and the coconut tree is based on a solid root system. Naya Nature wishes the children to become the seeds of a large movement.

They talk about us! Les Musettes s’en Mêlent

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