Why is connection key to parenting?

The absorbent mind

When children look at a flower, they are completely immersed in what they are doing without distraction. Maria Montessori referred to this state as “the absorbent mind.”

Nature activities calm children’s restless bodies and minds so they can experience nature more profoundly. It helps children to focus on one thing at a time (“inhibitor controle”) and prepares to a better and deeper learning. 

Curiosity, empathy and a sense of wonder can flower in children’s lives when their attention is fully present with nature.

To be fully present to our child

But mere exposure to nature is not enough. How can we help children experience nature in meaningful ways when they are running exuberantly, are sitting for five seconds, then are scrambling to their feet and start running?

How to connect children to their environment when their bodies and minds are so restless?

If our goal is to foster a love for nature in our child, we must offer them absorbing experiences that touch their minds and their hearts:

To train this connecting attitude like a muscle. 

Training will grow our ability to connect and be fully present to the environment, be it our child, others, or the living world around… until it becomes a natural habit. 

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